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ice cream

It's what we do!

We have been making Ice Cream at Shaw's Ridge Farm since 1922.  Our Homemade Recipes have been in place for generations, utilizing premium ingredients and high milk fat cream to provide a consistent, creamy, and delicious product every time.


Up until the Late 1990's, we used milk from our own cows to produce our Ice Cream!

Only the Freshest Ingredients

Seasonal Favorites Include our Native Strawberry & Fresh Lemon Ice Cream.

We hand pick dozens of harvest trays full of Native Strawberries from Lavigne's Strawberry Farm every June. Strawberry Harvest Day is one of our favorite days of the season! We think you'll agree- it is the best tasting Strawberry Ice Cream in Maine!

Strawberries for Ice Cream.JPG
SRF Lemon.jpg

Fresh Lemon Ice Cream is our most requested flavor- By far.

We process hundreds of fresh lemons by hand to prepare for our July 4th Release of our Famous Fresh Lemon Ice Cream. A unique, refreshing ice cream. You will be hard pressed to find it anywhere else!

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