Our History

Up until the late 1930’s, Shaw’s Ridge was a very large dairy farm run by Harold Shaw, the current owner’s grandfather. During this time there were anywhere from eighty to one hundred cows on this location, producing enough milk to beShaw's Ridge Ice Cream of Maineone of the biggest and best sources for milk in the area. As time went on, though, bigger companies were producing enough milk to take over what all of the smaller businesses were doing. Many dairy farms were now switching from milking cows to making ice cream and starting their own ice cream shops. This was convenient because more and more people were beginning to switch to skim milk rather than whole milk, which means there was a lot of extra cream around. Rather than throwing away the cream, dairy farm owners decided to put it to good use by making ice cream from it.

Shaw’s Ridge is now owned by the seventh generation of the Shaw family, and continues to grow to provide entertainment for the entire family. Although there is no longer any livestock on the property, families can enjoy fresh, homemade ice cream with the same quality ingredients that have been used for more than seventy years.

Maine Ice Cream
Today, Shaw’s Ridge Farm creates over six thousand gallons of ice cream in one season and has expanded storefront in many ways. Conveniently located in the same premises as Shaw’s Ridge, are other great attractions such as Springvale Nurseries,   beautifully landscaped Mini-Golf and of course, the Shaw’s Ridge BBQ Barn.